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Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of the consumer journey. It helps build brand awareness and trust in those researching your company, and it keeps you connected and engaged with your existing customers. 

Engage New Audiences & Connect with Your Followers

Four Points Marketing can help you determine the best social media platforms for your brand and establish social media best practices. We can also develop a custom social media strategy, execute a content calendar for each social platform, and create quality content and posts. 

For those interested in taking social media marketing to the next level, we leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to segment and target customers, based on demographics, behaviors and more, to provide a highly personalized and relevant ad experience. We can even retarget guests who have already visited your website, or other social media accounts, to create more conversion opportunities for your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Services 

  • Determine the best social media platforms for your brand 
  • Create new company pages or optimize existing accounts
  • Establish social media best practices 
  • Develop a custom social media strategy 
  • Execute a content calendar for each social platform and create quality content and posts
  • Manage your Facebook advertising and remarketing strategy
  • Deliver measurable results, analysis and reporting
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